Kanato KamioVA: Shuichiro Umeda


Kanato is a second-year student at Hoshimakiminato Middle School, and wielder of the Stella Forte, a keytar-like instrument with stellar power necessary for cleansing the MUMA. These monsters have come to Earth chasing Princess Kirara and her entourage after they fled from their own planet of Littlestar, and now it is Kanato's job to help fight them.
*Kanato will only have voices in certain scenes.

Yumemi Nanahoshi VA: Akane Fujita

Main heroine.

Kanato's close friend, classmate, and next-door neighbor. Although not exactly athletic and guileless to the point of being considered naive, Yumemi is an arguably well-mannered girl who will stick to her guns once she's made up her mind. That virtue, however, could possibly lead to her downfall. The Stella Bracelet and Star Stella she receives from Kirara allows her to transform into Star Dreamer.

Ayumu KazahariVA: Marika Kono

A pony-tailed tomboy and energetic member of the swim team, Ayumu has been hanging out with Kanato and Yumemi since she was little. The Stella Bracelet and Comet Stella she receives from Comet allows her to transform into Comet Dreamer.

Kirara StarVA: Ayano Shibuya

Princess of a far-away planet named Littlestar. When Kirara's planet is invaded by the demonic MUMA, she flees through a magical gate.

Unfortunately, she has to leave her body behind, and after arriving on Earth is forced to...possess (?) a stuffed rabbit she finds in Yumemi's bedroom. Her fluffy new accommodations happen to add a certain...flair to her speech.

CometVA: Aya Yamane

Member of the Magical Research Institute, retainer to the royal family of Littlestar, and a friendly big-sister figure to Kirara.

After fleeing Littlestar with her ward, Comet ends up possessing (?) Yumemi's stuffed black cat and has a hard time sounding serious because of it.

Tsukina AmanoVA: Atsumi Tanezaki

Ayumu's friend and member of the swim team. Quiet, polite, and a true vision of femininity. Tsukina adores Ayumu and has trouble keeping her hands off her, and can be surprisingly adversarial when boys approach. However, ask anyone and they'll basically tell you she's quite friendly.

Kotose Tsujiura VA: Asuka Nishi

Classmate of Kanato and Yumemi, and class president. Kotose's primary interest is tarot card reading, and she wears a pendant she received from her grandmother as a precious keepsake.

Kou MikadoVA: Genta Nakamura

Close friends with Kanato since elementary school, through thick and thin. Also knows Yumemi and Ayumu. Kou draws plenty of attention with his good looks and the fact he's the star of the soccer team, but he remains extremely devoted to his little sister.

Suzune KurachiVA: Maria Naganawa

4th grade elementary school student. Quiet and well mannered, Suzune can often be found sitting in the park in an apparent effort to avoid trouble at home.


Demons that enter dreams and turn them into nightmares in order to consume the owner's soul. Three MUMA leaders, or Nightmare Origins, come chasing after Princess Kirara and her entourage when they flee to earth.

BelpheusVA: Kengo Kawanishi

One of the MUMA leadership, Nightmare Origin. Belpheus is both a strategist and the strongest member of their group in a fight.

EnvyroseVA: Riho Sugiyama

One of the MUMA leadership, Nightmare Origin. Envyrose uses a whip for a weapon, and considers souls tainted with envy to be a delicacy.

GreedollVA: Aya Suzaki

One of the MUMA leadership, Nightmare Origin. Childish and selfish, Greedoll enjoys making golems and playing with them.