An adventure novel with
just the right balance
of battle and rhythm.

Star Melody Yumemi Dreamer is:

  • 1Part adventure story,
    where you get to read along.
  • 2Part battle command,
    where you take control when fighting enemy characters.
  • 3Part rhythm game,
    where you perform the music in order to purify the MUMA.

Enjoy all three of these components
while advancing through the game.

Yumemi’s uneventful daily routine is broken when the princess of a far-away planet appears. Adventure

Suddenly Kanato, Yumemi, and their friends are confronted with a threat to all mankind.
Although shocked by the bizarre and unbelievable dangers they face, they rise up to the challenge.
The crises never end! How will our protagonists overcome them all? What will become of mankind?
There are 12 chapters in all, with each chapter expected to provide about an hour’s worth of well-paced gameplay.

Protect everyone’s dreams from the MUMA
who will eat them.Battle Command

From time to time, Yumemi and Kanato will have to transform into Dreamers and battle the enemy MUMA attacking mankind.
When this happens, it will be up to you, the reader, to control them and lead them to victory.
Take turns selecting intuitive RPG-like commands such as Attack, Defend, and Special Attack to will advance through the battle. Reduce your opponent’s health gauge to zero and victory is achieved.
Releasing powerful Special Attacks requires a Stella Charge. Stella Charge will need recharging after two consecutive uses, so be sure to time them carefully to your fighting advantage.

Successfully perform Stella Songs
to purify the MUMA!Rhythm Game

In order to purify the souls of defeated MUMA, Kanato will have to successfully accompany Yumemi on his Stella Forte as she sings her Stella Song.
Match your controller button presses (keyboard keys on the WinPC/Steam version) to the symbols scrolling across the screen in order raise your score.
Once your Stella Gauge has been sufficiently filled, you will be able to purify the MUMA.
Have no fear if rhythm games are not your forte, an auto-play feature is also included.
And after you have performed a song in the story, you can enjoy it anytime you want in free-play mode.
In comparison to the series of musical action games previously released by Kogado Studio and the Kuroneko-san team, this game system takes a big step in the direction of more traditional rhythm games.